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 Subject Handbook

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Welcome to Brideston Pharmacokinetics at Thamesmead. As a subject of our facility, you are now a valued member of a community dedicated to the highest and most innovative levels of education and study. We believe in a careful balance between work and play, and hold our subjects only to the highest possible standards. Below you will find our basic facility rules and guidelines. All subjects are representatives of our facility, and as such are expected to follow rules and guidelines effectively, and uphold the high standards for which we are known. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us, and that your time here will be therapeutic and instructive in guiding you towards a successful and prosperous future.


Subject Conduct:

    Subjects of the Thamesmead Facility are required to conduct themselves with consideration and decorum at all times. Behaviours that disrupt the running of facility events, including but not limited to classes, therapy sessions and scheduled recreation activities, or cause distress to other subjects, or the subject himself, may result in a loss of privileges, personal affects and/or free time. Subjects are discouraged from engaging in behaviours deemed harmful to themselves or others, and are reminded to follow any and all instructions or suggestions given to them by members of the facility staff, regardless of personal opinion. Endangering the safety and well-being of other subjects or staff may result in harsher repercussions. Damaging behaviours may include bullying, fighting, coercion, cheating, engaging in intimate relations or stealing. Disciplinary actions are subject to the discretion of ranking facility staff.

Subject Attire:

    Subjects are not permitted to wear clothing that is revealing or suggestive in nature. Prohibited garments include tops with spaghetti straps, mini skirts or shorts that show the upper thighs or buttock, tops that expose the midriff or chest and shoes that possess unreasonably high heels. Other prohibited items include t-shirts or other garments graphically portraying disturbing, or suggestive images, profanity, or alluding to the abuse of controlled substances. Items such as wallet chains and heavy jewellery are not permitted at the facility. Items that may be used as weapons to harm others or oneself are also prohibited. These include but are not limited to: Hair sticks, heavy chains, sharp earrings other than sleepers or studs, sharp or heavy pendants, glass jewellery, and heavy rings or bracelets that may be used in physical conflict. Prohibited items will be confiscated by facility staff, and returned to subjects upon graduation from the facility.

Prohibited Items:

    Items that are prohibited at the facility include: Any controlled substances, including alcohol and tobacco, and any drugs paraphernalia, save for prescription medications prescribed to the subject. Suggestive, crude, defamatory or inappropriate art, literature or music. Items that may be used as weapons to injure others or oneself, including but not limited to: Any weapons or weapon facsimiles, lengths of rope, chain or cord, heavy, blunt objects that may be used as weapons, sharp items or items that may be sharpened, such as glass items or edged metal and perspex items, and incendiary devices such as lighters and matches. Personal electronics that have not been granted to the subject through facility staff, including items such as laptop computers, mobile telephones, iPads, video cameras or cameras, MP3 players or CD and cassette players and hand held games consoles.

Free Hours & Recreation:

    All subjects are permitted free hours in the evenings, after classes, projects, therapy session or other scheduled activities have concluded and before lights out. Subjects are also permitted free time on the weekends. Subjects are permitted to spend these times as they wish, within the rules and guidelines of the facility, and may visit any place on the grounds to which they are allowed access. Games and entertainments are provided free of charge to all subjects, as are selected meals and refreshments. Extra items such as confections and beverages such as coffee and carbonated drinks may be purchased with the small allowance given to all subjects on Friday of each week. Subjects are not permitted to leave the facility grounds unless given written permission from a ranking member of facility staff, and accompanied by a member of facility staff at all times. Subjects participating in scheduled field trips are expected to follow all facility rules and guidelines while outside of the facility. Failure to do so may result in loss of privileges, allowance, and/or personal affects.

Therapy & Medications:

    All psychiatric subjects are required to attend scheduled individual and group therapy sessions. Some educational studies subjects may be required to attend group therapy sessions. Guidance counsellors are provided to all subjects of the facility, regardless of group. Education studies subjects whose mental health is deemed detrimental enough may be transferred to Hermes level 5 at the discretion of the head of psychiatry. Psychiatric patients may be prescribed medications, which they are required to take. Medicated patients must report to the nurses' station on level 5 at scheduled times to receive medication. Any subjects requiring medical prescription medications are required to report to the nurses' station in the medical department at scheduled times to receive medication. No subject shall be in possession of their own medications, and all medications are distributed by staff only. Subjects found in possession of prescription medications may face disciplinary actions.

Classes, Study Groups & Projects:

    All subjects are required to attend all classes scheduled for them unless the psychiatric or medical department provide written permission stating otherwise. Subjects who are caught skipping classes may face disciplinary actions. Subjects may also be scheduled for specialised study group periods, or project work. Subjects scheduled for these are required to attend unless given written permission stating otherwise. Subjects are expected to conduct themselves according to facility rules and guidelines, when within a classroom, study group or project setting. Disruption of the class, study group or project may result in disciplinary actions. Homework is not typically assigned at the facility, though extracurricular studies and tasks may be, at the discretion of individual instructors or therapists.

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Subject Handbook
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