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 Welcome to Thamesmead

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PostSubject: Welcome to Thamesmead   Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:04 pm

◦ A Brideston Pharmacokinetics Facility ◦

The Brideston Pharmacokinetics Facility, at Thamesmead, (commonly just known as The Thamesmead Facility) is a cutting edge, state of the art educational and psychiatric institute specialising in the instruction and training of today's most gifted minds, and the rehabilitation of those suffering from a very specific set of psychiatric ailments. ...Or at least that's what they want you to believe. In reality, Brideston Pharmacokinetics is a budding new company grown as an offshoot from a larger pharmaceutical company, and owned and operated privately. The company goal is to grow, and in order to grow, the company needs the most cutting edge and advanced ideas, technology and medicines. And what better way to create these than by harvesting the ideas of the newest generation of savants? The Facility is heavily geared toward "instruction" and research into the areas of mathematics,
information technology and the sciences. Students and patients, known as 'subjects', help Brideston Pharmacokinetics move towards their goal by completing class assignments, projects and problems. The results they come up with are then stored and passed along to company research and development laboratories, to be used in the creation of better technologies and other scientific advances. While subjects are at the facility, they are little more than lab rats being urged to find their ways through mazes. And they have about the same rights.

The Facility itself is centred around one main building which houses dormitories, classrooms, a medical centre and a psychiatric ward, to name just a few features. This is located on the bank of the Thames on London's east side, and nestled into sprawling grounds designed in a modern and contemporary way to match the style of the main building. Subjects are not permitted to leave these grounds without permission for day leave by one of the facility's administrative or psychiatric staff. The entire compound is heavily monitored by visual and audio surveillance, and all main entrances, exits and pertinent waypoints are secured through touch-screen security wall panels. There are no physical keys on site, and staff members are instead provided with their own personal passwords to these panels. The facility does boast a few other distractions, however, including a cafe on the north side, by the banks of the Thames, and an arcade to the south of the
grounds. These are open to all subjects and staff alike, along with the grounds as a whole, and the small nature reserve contained therein.

The Thamesmead Facility is located on the east side of London. As such, its surroundings offer a wealth of housig options and entertainment to facility staff members. From the famous Soho entertainment district, to the relative calm of Hyde Park, London has something for everyone, and every possible taste. Staff members can opt for reduced price housing in the Thamesmead Condominium Complex (subsidised by Brideston Pharmacokinetics) or they can choose to own or rent residential property elsewhere in the city. Staff members are not restricted to play only inside of the facility and so offer benefits that a player might not get from playing only subjects. There are many diverse staff positions available at the facility, with something to suit ever palette, and staff characters are just as valued and versatile as subject characters. All staff inevitably report to the administrative staff, lead by a number of Brideston family members and executives.
Over all, Brideston Pharmacokinetics is a family business with a considerable twist. So whatever type of character or position you choose, you're sure to find plenty of opportunities for varied play.

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Welcome to Thamesmead
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