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 Staff Character Creation

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PostSubject: Staff Character Creation   Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:36 am

◦ When Creating a Staff Character ◦

Resources You Will Need for Staff Character Creation:

Staff members of the Thamesmead Facility are essential to the smooth running not only of the facility itself, but of the research that goes on within, and the results that lead to development at Brideston Pharmacokinetics' various other locations. Members of staff are aware, upon admission, that the facility is working on problem solving and research. However, not all members of the staff are aware that this research is being fed into Brideston think-tanks, to be used for their own further development of technologies and ideas. Members of staff who are aware of this belong to the administrative staff only. All other members of staff may be fully convinced that what they are doing at the facility is good and honest work. At least until they are proven otherwise, and by then they are too late to back out or pose any kind of problems or protests.

There are many different positions available for the creation of staff characters, and these range from administrative right down to custodial. The facility houses a medical department, to which doctors and nurses can apply, and also offers some less qualification-intensive positions for those wishing to enter this field of career. Below you will find descriptions of the different departments your character may work in and what some of the duties in that department are.

A Note on Facility Staff Family: You are permitted to make (or request for someone else to make) family members of your staffer, however, in order for those characters to be playable (rather than just NPC), they must also be facility staff members. Staff members are also permitted to have children under the age of sixteen (16), however, child characters are NPC only. NPC family members and children may only be played by their respective owner, and may only be played when the character to which they belong is in the immediate vicinity. What this means is that you, as their player, may not post an NPC character gallivanting around the city on their own. Naturally, non-staff family members are not permitted access to the facility or its grounds.


  • Administrative:
    Administrative staff are responsible for running and organising either parts of the facility itself, or areas of interest and study. The facility administrator is the head of the facility, through which all protocol changes or major changes to departments must go. The dean of medicine is in charge of the medical department in a managerial sense, and must be well experienced in medicine and medical department management. The head of psychiatry, like the dean of medicine, is in charge of the psychiatric department. The same standards must apply to him/her as to the Dean of medicine, only in a psychiatric sense. The head of curriculum coordinates the instructor staff and guides the class curriculum and teaching methods. The research coordinator is responsible for organising which company projects will be inserted into the curriculum, to be improved and worked on by the subjects. He/she may work closely with the head of curriculum in this capacity.

  • Department Heads:
    Department heads are in charge of coordinating and managing various departments on a more hands-on basis. They are not quite administrative staff, but they are higher up the totem pole than those who work with them in the departments. Some department heads report directly to administrative staff, while others would report to the facility administrator. Charge Nurses are the nurses in charge of coordinating the nursing staff in whichever department they are assigned to. They create and manage schedules and activities for these employees. The rest of names of these positions (on the Facility Staff Positions List) are fairly self-explanatory.

  • Psychiatric & Counsel Staff:
    The psychiatric ad counsel staff are just as you'd expect. They are responsible for the care and control of subjects labels as psychiatric subjects, and residing in the dormitories on level five. Psychiatrists are qualified medical doctors with psychology training and internships. They are the only psychiatric staff capable of prescribing medications to psychiatric subjects. Psychologists do much the same work as the psychiatrists, but do not require medical training. As such, they are not able to prescribe medications. Guidance Counsellors work both with psychiatric subjects and Educational Studies subjects. They provide general counselling services to all subjects of the facility on anything from education to emotional well-being. Level 5 Nurses and Orderlies are the same as their medical counterparts, but are specifically detailed to working on Level 5, with the psychiatric patients. Level 5 nurses are responsible for handing out prescribed medication to subjects, and completing room checks. Orderlies assist the level five nurses with room checks and general patient management.

  • Medical Department Staff:
    All medical staff at the facility will be required to have the requisite training and experience for whichever positions they take. Most of these positions are also self-explanatory. The trauma physician is in charge of the emergency department, while the general practitioner is responsible for responding to complaints of mild illnesses or injuries. The physician in this department is qualified in both areas.

  • Education & Research Staff:
    These staff are so called, because while they are educating subjects, they also double as research technicians in a way, by reporting back classwork, grades and developments to the administrative staff. many of these staff members are not aware that they serve this double purpose, and outwardly appear simply as subject instructors. They too must have the requisite qualifications in their field of education, as well as the appropriate degrees in teaching secondary education.

  • Security Staff:
    The security staff are responsible for patrolling all areas of the facility grounds and buildings. They report to radio calls when there is trouble, and must be well trained and experienced in handling situations with objective and critical thinking. Brideston Pharmacokinetics is looking for persons with more experience than -say- a mall cop or a campus security officer. Ideal employees may have experience in higher level security, such as that of government buildings and banks, law enforcement experience, or military training and experience.

  • Maintenance & Grounds Staff:
    These employees are responsible for keeping the facility itself running smoothly, and for upkeep of its very particular appearance. The field technician must have computer and electrical training, as he/she is responsible for the maintenance of touch-screen wall panels, surveillance systems, facility computers, etc. Custodians are responsible for cleaning and general maintenance such as replacing lightbulbs, and groundskeepers are responsible for the upkeep of the facility's gardens, terraces and decks.

  • Other Facility Staff:
    The other facility staff members fill positions that do not otherwise fall under specific departments. They may range from cafeteria staff, to cafe employees and office workers. They are just as valuable as the other members of facility staff, and these positions often require much less training or qualification to full. The cafeteria chef must have schooling and experience in food service, and the cafe manager must have experience in small business management. Likewise, the office manager must have experience in office organisation and management.

When you fill out your application, be sure to include the position your character is applying for, in full. For example "Charge Nurse, Level 5" or "Charge Nurse, Medical Department". This will save a lot of confusion on application approvals. Also, when you go to create your character, keep in mind the sorts of qualifications your character would need to get the job for which they are applying, and how long it would take them to get those qualifications. Your character's age should reflect the required time for schooling and at least a few years experience after the fact, for Brideston Pharmacokinetics to consider hiring them. You will also need to choose them a condominium from the list, or choose an address for them in London. (You will need to provide a real London address, and consider their financial situation. This is discussed more the the Great London Housing Sign-Ups thread.) Other than this, just be sure to give the application a thorough read-through before you begin so that you know your plan of attack for it and can solidify your character's story in your head before you start. And have fun!

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Staff Character Creation
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