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 Thamesmead Condominium Complex Roster

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PostSubject: Thamesmead Condominium Complex Roster   Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:25 am


The Condominium Complex in Thamesmead is just outside of the facility boundaries, and offers reduced-price housing for facility staff members, subsidised by Brideston Pharmacokinetics. Given the inflated price of housing in the rest of the City of London, these condominiums are the perfect arrangement for people who either don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a flat, or those who simply can't afford to. These condominiums are easily affordable on a facility wage, leaving a good chunk of the paycheck for other essentials, savings and fun time. A few different models are available for rent, depending on the size of the family wishing to live there. They range from one to four bedrooms, and each has its own off-street parking and private front and back gardens.
Brideston Pharmacokinetics takes car of utility bills, landscaping and -in the event of snow- snow removal. Each model of condominium is styled in a similar fashion to the facility itself, offering clean, bright lines and floorplans throughout, in a modern, contemporary style.


The two bedroom condominiums are intended for use by singles, or couples who use separate rooms, or perhaps wish to keep a home office or study, or even raise a child at home.
1 Crane Terrace: Dr. Lindsey Kells
2 Crane Terrace:
3 Crane Terrace:
4 Crane Terrace:
5 Crane Terrace:
6 Crane Terrace:
7 Crane Terrace:
8 Crane Terrace:
9 Crane Terrace:
10 Crane Terrace:
11 Crane Terrace:
12 Crane Terrace:


The three bedroom condominiums may be used as group housing for those wishing to split the costs of rent, or by small families wishing to raise children in the area.
1 Westervelt Lane:
2 Westervelt Lane:
3 Westervelt Lane:
4 Westervelt Lane:
5 Westervelt Lane:
6 Westervelt Lane:
7 Westervelt Lane:
8 Westervelt Lane:
9 Westervelt Lane:
10 Westervelt Lane:
11 Westervelt Lane:
12 Westervelt Lane:


The four bedroom houses are reserved for facility employees wishing to raise families in the area, or wishing to share with multiple housemates, friends or family members. These condominiums include a small, heated swimming pool each.
1 Matilda Close: Isaac Brideston & Ira Brideston
2 Matilda Close:
3 Matilda Close:
4 Matilda Close:
5 Matilda Close:
6 Matilda Close:
7 Matilda Close:
8 Matilda Close:
9 Matilda Close:
10 Matilda Close:
11 Matilda Close:
12 Matilda Close:


When you sign up for a condominium for your staff member, think about who else will be living with them, such as housemates or family members, and choose a size that is going to accommodate the family without wasting empty rooms. Rent prices go up according to Condominium size, so as far as having some extra pocket money after the rent cheque, less is more in the case of choosing a home. To sign up for a condominium, fill out the form below and post it as a reply to this thread. Also, be aware that you may purchase a sub-board for your home with RP Reward points you gain through posting in character.

Sign-Up Code:


[b]Character Name:[/b] Firstname Lastname
[b]Facility Job Title:[/b] Your job at the facility
[b]Chosen Address:[/b] Choose an address from above
[b]Other Residents:[/b] Who else lives there with you?

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Thamesmead Condominium Complex Roster
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