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 Greater London Housing Roster

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PostSubject: Greater London Housing Roster   Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:43 am


If your staff character decides not to live at the condominium complex, and they have the capital enough to afford housing elsewhere in London, this is the place to save up for that. Bear in mind, when you decide on housing that you should take your character's job and situation in mind when choosing location, or choosing not to relocate to the condominiums. A custodian, or an administrative assistant, for example, would not have the sort of capital that would buy or rent them a house in the city, and they might be lucky to get a shoe-box flat in Shepherd's Bush, let alone a penthouse in Mayfair. Conversely, administrative staff, doctors, psychiatrists and heads of department might make more money and be able to afford a decent flat somewhere, or even a house in some cases. If you do choose to have them live in the city, you will need to provide a real address for them within the City of London. Do a little bit of research on the sort of district they might be able to afford to live in, and use google maps to help you pick a location. If you want to find out street name and house number, you can right click on the google map and select "What's Here?" This will usually give you the full address in the left hand navigation bar, and you can then use that here.


  • Cecil Sharpe ◦ 11 Soho Square, Soho
  • Harold Masterson ◦ 11 Soho Square, Soho
  • Jonah Ritter ◦ 11 Soho Square, Soho

When you sign your character up for housing in London, please use the form supplied below, and post the completed version as a reply to this thread. If your choice of housing and location does not seem viable next to your character's application and situation, the staff may ask you to choose another location, or suggest to you one of the condominiums near to the facility.

Sign-Up Code


[b]Your Character Name Here[/b] ◦ House/Apt. Number & Street Address, District in London

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Greater London Housing Roster
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