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 Facility Staff Handbook

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PostSubject: Facility Staff Handbook   Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:04 pm


Welcome to Brideston Pharmacokinetics at Thamesmead. As a member of our team of staff, you are now a valued member of a community dedicated to upholding the highest possible standards of educational advancement and psychiatric care. You are a valued and integral part of the working of our facility, not matter what position you fill. As a member of the team, you are expected to uphold the same high standards for which the facility is known, and you are expected to follow the guidelines of conduct presented to you in this handbook. Thank you for joining our team and being a part of something that will help not only your career, but the lives and happiness of our subjects.


Subject Relations:

    No member of the facility staff is permitted to engage in relations with subjects that might be considered as anything beyond professional and cordial. Intimate relations or romantic engagements with subjects is strictly prohibited. Facility staff found to be disregarding this important guideline may face termination of employment and legal proceedings. Relations should remain objective but pleasant, and professional at all times. Engaging in favouritism or permitting subjects special privileges above his or her peers is heavily discouraged. All subjects are to be treated as equals, regardless of talent or disability. All subjects are to be held to the same rules, guidelines and standards as their peers. Staff members displaying favouritism or cloudiness of judgement due to emotional entanglements may face disciplinary action from facility administration, up to and including termination of employment. No subjects are permitted access to staff only areas, including private offices or staff levels.


    All staff are expected to follow instructions and suggestions given to them by ranking members of the facility staff. Please refer to the staff positions and your acceptance package to familiarise yourself with heads of department, supervisors and administrative members of staff. Decisions regarding treatment, studies or procedures made by supervisors must be followed without complaint or compromise. Failure to follow instructions of ranking members of staff may result in disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of employment. No members of the psychiatric or medical staff are permitted to prescribe or administer medications to subjects without the permission or supervision of those in their department with the appropriate qualifications. No members of non-psychiatric staff are permitted to enforce or recommend preventative, corrective or treatment procedures for subjects without the express permission of ranking members of staff in their department.

Hours & Off Duty Time:

    Members of the facility staff are all required to work flexible schedules, regardless of outside influences such as family or other engagements. All members of staff may be expected to work night shifts and weekend on a rotating schedule. All members of staff are required to uphold the highest possible standards both at work and outside of work. Members of staff represent Brideston Pharmacokinetics. Member of staff deemed unsatisfactory through dubious actions or behaviour inside of or outside of the facility may face termination of employment. Vacation days may be requested from administrative staff or department heads at least two weeks prior to the scheduled time. Sick leave may be requested through heads of department or administrative staff no later than three hours before the shift in question is scheduled to begin.

Subject Rules & Guidelines:

    Staff are to familiarise themselves with the subject handbook and enforce the rules noted within. This includes the list of prohibited items, and the dress code. Facility staff are expected to follow guides on prohibited items and manner of dress. Staff are not permitted to report for work under the influence of controlled substances such as alcohol, street drugs or medications not prescribed to them. Members of staff found to be utilising or abusing these substances on the facility grounds, or prior to their shifts may face termination of employment and legal proceedings. Members of staff are not permitted to ever supply any prohibited items or garments to subjects. Members of staff suspected to be under the influence of controlled subjects may be tested for drugs and/or alcohol at any time, without warning. Members of staff found facilitating or encouraging the breaking of rules or guidelines may face disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of employment.

Facility Property & Non-Disclosure:

    No staff members are permitted to remove from the facility any items belonging to the facility or to Brideston Pharmacokinetics. Removal of company property will be considered theft, and may result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination o employment and legal proceedings. Likewise, no staff members are permitted to remove from the facility the possessions of other members of staff, or subjects, including project items and work, class work, personal affects, notes or gifts. No staff members are permitted to discuss with outside parties the subjects, guidelines, protocols, projects, classes or treatments undertaken within the facility. Subjects found breeching the Non-Disclosure policy may face termination of employment and legal proceedings.
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Facility Staff Handbook
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